How outsourcing reduces costs for Australian business while increasing profitability

How outsourcing reduces costs for Australian business

Outsourcing is no longer a strange concept for Australian businesses. Most organisations, big and small, rely on outsourcing certain aspects of their workflow. However, most companies overlook the fact that outsourcing benefits much more than the obvious.

Does outsourcing only impact your payroll?

How else does outsourcing reduce costs and increase profitability for Australian businesses?

Reduces the cost of operations

The cost of hiring an external company or a third-party service provider is lower than setting up in-house operations for several reasons:

  1. An external company acts as a separate entity; it is an enterprise that is responsible for its own cost of operations.
  2. An external company has the experience to get the job done according to expectations rather than you spend time and money to nurture talent.
  3. An external company is responsible for its own infrastructure and logistics. The outsourcing company or employee works virtually and remotely.

Not only does outsourcing reduce operating costs, but businesses can utilise the cost savings to improve business infrastructure or enhance its marketing and promotional program.

Reduces the cost of training and recruitment

While allocating staff and resourcing for training might have worked in the past, the world moves at a much faster pace today. It’s not feasible to have current team members pause their work to train new hires regularly.

By outsourcing select business processes, such as Property Management or Administration, you can improve the productivity of your current staff while cutting training costs of new hires because your company can focus its resources on its core functions.

Increases flexibility

Often outsourcing companies work on a different time zone than Australia. Our staff employed at Stafflink are hired to work in accordance with your business hours. This ensures seamless operations and minimises the delay of tasks. A company can increase its flexibility with outsourcing by taking advantage of time zone differentials by simply adjusting work shifts. It is possible to have your business managed for 16 hours – 20 hours because the work is carried through the day by teams working from two different regions!

Outsourcing may seem like a frightening process at first, but with the right outsourcing partner, resources and guidance, any organisation can yield excellent and profitable results. Contact us today to discover how outsourcing can improve your business!

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