How to make sure your staff are using the correct forms

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We’ve seen countless Agencies trying to run their office from Microsoft Teams or via emails, with the latest forms and legislative paperwork being sent around in threads that most staff will either scroll straight past or simply ignore. It seems like almost every agency is on the lookout for new real estate form software to come up with their own solution.

Using outdated information can be costly when it comes to agreements, contracts, or more realistically, anything to do with property & real estate. Losing a listing or having a negative outcome off the back of an old form or incorrect document being used is one of the most avoidable mistakes in any agency.

This is the reason that STAFFLINK Agency Hubs contain department Forms. These forms can be a link to an online resource or a digital download – and is something that we recommend all staff get accustomed to as quickly as possible. As soon as a form is updated, it’s reflected on every users login so they’re immediately up to date.

My Agency has hundreds of forms, how do we keep them organised?

Most forms are only relevant to specific departments within an Agency. As such, the form functionality works the same as the Tech Stack, and only displays data that is relevant to that user. E.g. if a staff member is a Property Manager, they will only see the Property Management Tech Stack & Forms.

How do I keep my forms up to date on the Agency Hub?

The Agency Hub platform is easy to use and update from the client side, so there’s no tricky real estate form software you need to get your head around. Simply visit the administration section and click “Add New Form”, upload the file and choose who should see it – simple!

Can a user access the forms from a mobile device?

Your Agency Hub is mobile friendly and responsive to ensure that links and files are accessible from up to date smartphones & tablets.

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