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real estate agency tech stack

Your Real Estate Agency tech stack is constantly changing, and as a result, there are always different websites, apps & tools to continue updating for the various departments within an agency.

By implementing an Agency Hub from STAFFLINK, you’re one step closer to having everything you need at your staff’s fingertips. The Tech Stack feature is a fantastic way of keeping the key agency software links, on hand, available and up to date at all times. Think of it like a custom bookmarks bar that appears automatically without needing to be edited or updated by the user.

How does the Tech Stack work?

STAFFLINK Agency Hubs contain department groups, such as Sales, Property Management and Admin, which each have their own designated list of apps. When a staff member is onboarded as a member of one of these groups, they’ll immediately have access to the appropriate apps. As soon as any updates are applied, each team member will have the latest information on their screen.

What should be included in the Tech Stack?

The Tech Stack is a core feature of the Agency Hub, and has a prominent space that is front and centre for each user. As such, it’s important not to overload these sections. We recommend keeping the Tech Stack to the most used apps, with other links that aren’t used quite so often placed in the “Resources” section of the Hub.

How do I help my staff become familiar with the Agency Hub?

The Agency Hub is a great tool that keeps your staff up to date on things that are relevant to them. As a new piece of software within your agency, there will be an adjustment period for new staff. STAFFLINK recommends setting the Agency Hub as the homepage on each computer, and also using tools such as New Tab Redirect to keep the staff coming back to it.

I have additional departments – can they have a Tech Stack too?

Yes! As part of your Agency Hub setup, simply advise the STAFFLINK team of the departments you have within your agency and how their Tech Stack should appear – we’ll handle the rest.

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