PropertyMe at STAFFLINK Conference 2023

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PropertyMe at STAFFLINK Conference 2023

We are excited to be announce that PropertyMe will be partnering at STAFFLINK Conference 2023.

PropertyMe are widely regarded as one of the most trusted businesses in the Property Management space, and their software is used to manage over 1.5 million properties in Australia and New Zealand.

Whether you are an Owner, a Tenant, or one of the 25,000 Property Managers who use it on a regular basis, there are so many reasons to choose PropertyMe.


Property Me will be partnering with the STAFFLINK Conference on July 30-31


Why choose PropertyMe?

There is a good reason why over 5400 Real Estate offices have subscribed to their services.

The key benefits of using their Property Management software include:


Reduced costs

Data is stored securely in the cloud, saving you thousands in hardware and labour costs alone.



The automated solutions and trust accounting tools in our real estate software mean you’ll have plenty of time to focus on growing your rent roll and expanding your Australian Property Management business.


Greater accessibility and security

You and your clients can access property data online in real-time from anywhere with our cloud based application. Advanced security measures mean you enjoy total peace of mind.


PropertyMe is also one of the most collaborative and innovative companies in the real estate space – and currently are working with over 70+ partners and integrators, including STAFFLINK.


As well as that, PropertyMe are also considered thought leaders and highly influential in the industry.

Recently, they launched their new podcast ‘Property Management & Me’ and STAFFLINK’s own Chief Customer Officer, Christina Lennie, was given the special honour of being the first ever guest.

In the episode, Christina and host Kate Sunol dive into the question that many agencies are asking – how should you structure your property management department for maximum efficiency? You can listen to their conversation here.

propertyme at stafflink conference
STAFFLINK Conference 2023 will bring together some of the most innovative and brilliant minds from inside and outside the real estate industry.

Reasons to come to STAFFLINK Conference 2023

The STAFFLINK Property Management and Sales Conference has been going for a number of years, and each year it just gets bigger and better.

There are so many reasons to come, not only does it bring some of the best Industry leaders together, but it also draws Keynote speakers from beyond the world of Real Estate.


Joining us this year is an unparalleled lineup of keynote speakers, including olympian Jana Pitman, big wave surfer and mindset coach Mark Visser, and the Resilience Project’s Martin Heppell, whose stories will surprise and inspire. You can see the full list of guest speakers here.

But it is far more than that, you can also enjoy the Poolside Networking Event, which can be a great opportunity to network and meet people who share the same challenges as you.


Or you can simply let your hair down and enjoy some great food, drink, and entertainment.


Special offer for PropertyMe Customers

To celebrate the partnership of PropertyMe and STAFFLINK at this year’s Property Management & Sales Conference, we are offering a $1,000 discount to any Property Me customers who sign up with STAFFLINK.

We are proud to be one of PropertyMe’s integrators and to work with them at this year’s Conference.

This special offer will run until the Conference finishes on July 31st.

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