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The concept of building Agency Hubs at STAFFLINK came from the lack of customisation available in various LMS (Learning Management System) platforms and their suitability for real estate online training.

These platforms are great for running online lessons, however their functionality generally ends there. There’s often a lack of styling options available to make it really feel like a part of the business, and outside of a course here and there, most staff will only ever visit it a couple of times.

By using an Agency Hub as the homepage within your Agency, you can make sure your staff have the latest courses & content at all times. Courses are displayed just like the Tech Stack & Forms, and only appear for the users who should be participating in them.

By using the tools such as the alerts bar within the Hub, you can make sure your staff are aware of any new courses as they become available. The same goes for any new legislation – if your team needs to know about it, make sure it’s set up to be the first thing that loads on their screen every day!

How can I see who has actually completed a course?

STAFFLINK Agency Hubs include an interactive dashboard that shows the progress of users who have made a start on each course. Individual users can also see their own progress from their account page.

I have training videos that my staff use, can these be added to the hub?

Yes, that’s something that we encourage! Staff generally take more information on board from video, so if you have recordings that fit into your courses the STAFFLINK team can assist in making them available within the Hub.

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