Your Guide to Getting to Know STAFFLINK

getting to know stafflink

Your Guide to Getting to Know STAFFLINK

The Proptech Podcast with Christina Lennie

If you are unfamiliar with STAFFLINK and would like to know more about what we do and why, this is a great a great place to start.

Our Chief Customer Officer Christina Lennie sits down with Kylie Davis from the Proptech Podcast to discuss her journey from Property Management to Prop Tech.

What is our niche? What pain points are we helping to solve? And how are we re-imagining the role of  Property Manager in 2023?

Listen to the Proptech Podcast featuring Christina Lennie


An Introduction to STAFFLINK

In this Podcast, STAFFLINK CEO Bryn Humble and Real Estate trainer and innovator Lee Woodward introduce you to our The Hub workflow platform.

What was the catalyst for building it out? How is it different to the CRMs currently on the market?

Listen to the interview featuring Lee Woodward & Bryn Humble

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How to structure your PM Department for Success

At STAFFLINK, we don’t accept that you should do things just because that’s the way it’s always been done.

Our most successful partners have re-structured their Property Management departments to make the best use of onshore and offshore talent.

The upside of this can mean reduced wages, increased employee satisfaction, and a better service quality as a result.

Read our guide on the ways your can structure your PM Department


Don’t wait until you sell your rent roll to make a profit from it

Many Real Estate sales principals do not prioritise making their Property Management Departments profitable.

They see them as a future asset and long-term retirement plan, rather than a short-term focus. Not because they are unable to make a profit, they just don’t see it as a priority.

Our advice? Don’t wait until you sell your rent roll to make a profit from it. Read more.

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Portfolio vs Task-Based Property Management: 2023 Pros & Cons

What’s the best way to structure your Property Management Department…portfolio or task-based?

And is it true that the portfolio model gives better service?

Or is that a myth that needs to be debunked?

Pros and Cons of Portfolio vs Task-based Property Management

Portfolio vs Task-based Property Management


Unpopular Opinion: Outsourcing in 2023 is supporting Australians

Many real estate businesses still see the choice to use “virtual assistants” as a patriotic choice, as a line in the sand.

Either you are supporting Australians, or you’re throwing them under the bus in favour of foreigners.

But in 2023, the reality is, in fact, far more nuanced.

Ready for an unpopular opinion?

One of the best ways a real estate business can support its onshore staff is by exploring offshoring solutions.

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Conference 2023

The highlight of our social calendar every year is the STAFFLINK Conference – which will be held at the JW Marriott on July 30-31st on the Gold Coast.

It is a wonderful opportunity to be inspired by keynote speakers from inside and outside the world of Real Estate, to collaborate with similarly innovative businesses, and to motivate you and your team for a big year ahead.

The full list of Keynote speakers has been announced for this year’s event.

Our guide to the speakers at STAFFLINK Conference 2023


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The best way to find out how STAFFLINK may be able to benefit your business is to schedule an exploratory discussion with one of our sales team.

We work with over 250+ businesses across Australia and New Zealand offering tailored solutions for each business.

This obligation-free Zoom call will allow you to ask any questions you have about our products, roll-out etc.

But before you book a zoom check out our FAQ page to how best to prepare for your demo.


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